Saturday, April 14, 2012


Humor in writing goes hand in hand with ironic music therefore I did some personal research through my iTunes library to find ironic songs that confuse one because of how catchy they may sound but when you read the lyrics and in between them - it's shocking what one can tell about an artist.

To stay in the boundaries of British culture I found two songs that were from British artists.

Rehab - Amy Winehouse
This is a fairly obvious one. Here she is, writing a song about not going to rehab, when she actually really needed to go to rehab. From my personal knowing about the artist - she could not go pick up her four grammy awards, or perform at the grammy's because she was IN rehab. She performed from a stage her song "rehab" proclaiming she wouldn't go, but the truth is the only reason she was able to perform is because her current rehab counselor let her perform. Which makes this song extremely ironic.

Can't Buy Me Love - The Beatles
Can't buy me love was written and performed by Paul Mccartney...and well, even though Paul didn't think he could buy love...why do I feel like Heather Mills (Paul's ex) would disagree? This song should have warned him to get a pre-nup, but because he believed in 'love' not being able to be bought, he got SOLD. He may not have wanted that diamond ring, but Heather sure did and that's what makes this song so very ironic!

These two songs along with many other songs can be classified as ironic music because of the artist's who wrote them but whether they did so intentionally one may never know! I plan to further my research on ironic music as I go deeper into how Satire can be expressed in a plethora of ways.

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