Thursday, April 19, 2012


I've always been obsessed with a british T.V. series called, Skins, and whilst working on this blog I realized that there are a lot of parts of it that are ironic therefore can discuss/critically analyze the episodes I watch! I decided to focus on the final episode of season four because in this episode Effy, the main character, has been going through mental breakdowns causing her to be in need of help from a psychologist. Her psychologist is John T. Foster and he seems like your average shrink until the final two episodes of the season. He ends up being obsessed with Effy and kills her boyfriend, Freddie. Freddie knew something fishy was going on because Effy wasn't acting like herself, literally. Foster was brainwashing Effy into thinking she was someone else and being in her fragile state she had no idea what was going on. He also took advantage of what she told her in secrecy and took matter into his own hands when he killed Freddie and attempted to kill her best friend, Cook. This is extremely ironic because this is a psychopathic psychologist. It sends out an important message that no one can truly be trusted and there's more to a person than what's externally expressed.

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